What Is IT?

Information Technology is the hardware and software used to manage digital information. Your digital property includes email, networks, computers, databases, files, websites, phones, and much more. Managing these resources includes security, redundancy, backups, installation, customization, training, maintenance, and web hosting.

Why Are We Here?

Small businesses pick their battles focusing on Customer Service, Quality, or Expertise. A department that commonly gets less attention is IT. This field changes every day and staying on top of it is a continuous process. We are passionate about technology and making it work for you. Let your staff get back to doing what they do best.

How Does This Work?

A relationship with New Leaf IT might include:

Special Projects - Including setting up email, setting up a wireless network, creating custom software, integrating disparate programs, building a website, initiating backups, automating monotonous tasks, etc.

Technology Consult - A great starting place is to have us get to know your people and the jobs they are doing. We can determine the bottlenecks and shortcomings of the processes used in your office. We will recommend or design custom solutions to fit your needs.

Retainer - We can provide dedicated (on-call) technical support to your business. Additionally, we can setup laptops or home computers for your employees so they can be more productive in the evenings or when they cannot come to the office.